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Phoenix, Arizona Divorce Mediation - Finding a Mediation Resolution

At Agreement House, we're committed to helping people overcome conflict - in the home and in the office. One of the most common conflicts today is divorce and our brand of Arizona divorce mediation, Assisted Divorce, utilizes DORA, the Divorce Options Review and Assessment, experienced divorce attorneys and divorce mediators to develop a functioning AZ divorce that will not only allow a couple to separate, but also to function after the fact with post divorce mediation scheduling, parenting, child support and custody.

Phoenix, Arizona Divorce Mediation - What To Expect

What makes up Arizona divorce mediation? How is it different than any other divorce or mediation? If you are an Arizona resident, then you can take advantage of the laws of Arizona to have your divorce filed here, where our attorneys have decades of experience in Arizona divorce procedure, and have created a program that can be customized to your particular needs, whether you:

Whatever your conflict level, or your divorce progress from other methods, we can show you what needs to be processed to get an AZ divorce, conduct divorce mediation to help you find a reasonable solution to each issue, and fill out and process all of the paperwork necessary to complete your Arizona divorce.

More about Arizona Divorce Mediation

Once processed, you only need to wait 60 days, and then your divorce is final, freeing both parties to go their separate ways. This is facilitated by our staff of Arizona certified divorce attorneys, divorce mediation experts and Arizona-specific document preparers, working together to bring you AZ divorce mediation for less cost in money, time and stress.

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Arizona Child Support

One of the most critical concerns in any divorce mediation, is Arizona child support. Our Arizona family certified lawyers and mediators are specially trained to deal with all child specific divorce issues including child support, custody and parenting. We can even modify Arizona child support after the fact, whether it was decided in court or in a previous Arizona divorce mediation.

Arizona Divorce Mediation, Arizona Child Support and Conflict Negotiation

Agreement House provides Arizona mediation services for divorce, business partners and other conflict negotiation to solve disputes without going to court. Our attorneys, mediator team and document preparers provide legal and financial knowledge, guided negotiation and document processing to give you the best conflict resolution experience possible and to make Arizona mediation a reality.

Agreement house provides these services from our offices in Gilbert and Phoenix.

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