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“WE CAN’T AGREE BUT HATE THE IDEA OF GOING TO COURT...and we don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys to fight it out.”

Introducing the Arizona Divorce COURT-ALTERNATIVE™

“Your day in court, without having to go to the courthouse.”™

Now you can have your own informal mini-trial before an experienced Arizona divorce judge – in private, with or without attorneys. The results are binding, just like in regular Arizona divorce court, but the proceedings are private and informal – it’s fast and fair and you get "your day in court" without having to go to the courthouse.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Come into Agreement House™ -- either separately or together -- and meet with an arbitrator. (This is one of our founders, who has served many times as a judge pro tem for the local Ariona divorce courts.) He will explain the Court-Alternative to you and what you can do to best prepare, with or without an attorney. You will sign an agreement that the results of your “mini-trial” will be binding – in other words, the results will be just like having to go to trial before a judge at the County Courthouse.

  2. The arbitrator will schedule a date for your mini-trial – which will be in a conference room, not a courthouse. Both sides will present their cases and the arbitrator will ask questions and explain options and precedents. Thus, you will be involved in the logic of the decisions, and in many cases, can agree during the proceeding on the best solution.

  3. The arbitrator will give his decision on any issues that couldn’t be resolved during the “mini-trial.” One of our mediators will then become your Agreement House Document Shepard™ -- he or she will make sure all the documents needed to file for the divorce are drafted and then reviewed by one of our divorce attorneys. You stop by the offices and sign the papers with a Notary and we have them submitted to the court.

  4. After the 60-day waiting period required by the court, we file the remaining follow-up documents and once the court has approved them, your divorce in Arizona is complete.


Call Joe, one of our agreeable mediators, for information and special package pricing - 480-496-2201.