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Although we can conduct arbitration without attorneys present, it is most often a way for attorneys to get a faster, less expensive or more fair resolution for their clients.

Non- attorneys click here for a PDF explaining the process.

Attorneys, here's a special message from our lead arbitrator:


As attorneys, we all have times when one of our clients...
  • is in a hurry to finish a divorce, or who
  • couldn't handle the trauma of the courtroom;
And we all have
  • a client are not eager to put before a judge, or
  • a case we don't want to squeeze into a couple of hours in court.

Rather than try to fit the case and client to the court, let us help you fit the agreement to the situation by providing a new arbitration option.

To help you explain the process to your clients, I put together a summary of the service we are offering called COURT ALTERNATIVE™, our "mini-trial" package that let's you clients have...

Your day in court, without having to go to the courthouse™.

What follows is a one-sheet that's meant to explain the advantages of arbitration to your client. If you'd like a copy to give to a client, we have a PDF you can print out or email -- we hope this will introduce the process (and John Zarzynski) to your client. Click here for the PDF.