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Agreement House of Wisconsin is pleased to provide Complaint Resolution Services for the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare. Established as a limited liability company specializing in mediation services in Phoenix, Arizona, Agreement House began its services in July of 2009. Agreement House of Wisconsin is a separate limited liability company and our focus will be on mediation and complaint resolution in Wisconsin.

Any service provider in the Child Welfare System needs to understand that child safety, permanence, and well-being are paramount. We wholeheartedly agree with the Bureau's principle that these issues are best addressed in the context of the family whenever possible. The family can be a birth family, foster family or adoptive family. To that end, we assume that the center of all decision-making on the part of family members and individuals working in the system is the best interest of the child/children involved. We believe that the best possible decisions are made when people work together with a sense of mutual respect and dignity. We further understand that when individuals abide by these principles that most conflicts can be resolved.